2018 Berkshire BPW Woman of Achievement

Berkshire Business and Professional Women has been honoring a local woman with this award since 1965. This award honors a Berkshire County woman for her considerable career accomplishments and outstanding commitment to the community. The most recent award was honored to Patricia Begrowicz, President and Co-owner of Onyx Specialty Papers, at this year's Woman of Achievement dinner celebration. For 2019, The Woman of Achievement award will be presented at a dinner event in May, 2019.

2018 Woman of Achievement (WOA): Patricia Begrowicz

All the proceeds from the Woman of Achievement dinner benefit the BBPW scholarship program, which provides annual career advancement scholarships to working women residing in Berkshire County.

For more information on the Woman of Achievement Award, please contact Gillette Conners at bbpw.woa@gmail.com

2016 Berkshire BPW Woman of Achievement

2016 Woman of Achievement: Lucy Prashker and 2017 Woman of Achievement: Kristine Hazzard

2015 Berkshire BPW Woman of Achievement

2015 Woman of Achievement: Beth Mitchell

2014 Berkshire BPW Woman of Achievement

2014 Woman of Achievement: Dr. Ellen Kennedy

Previous Women of Achievement

Kristine Hazzard, 2017
Lucy Prashker, 2016
Beth Mitchell, 2015
Dr. Ellen Kennedy, 2014
Gail Molari, 2013
Marilyn Sperling, 2012
Ruth Blodgett, 2011
Denise Marshall, 2010
June Roy-Martin, 2009
Christine Singer, 2008
Robin McPherson, 2007
Pam Malumphy, 2006
Laurie Norton Moffatt, 2005
Eugenie Sills, 2004
Anne W. Pasko, 2003
The Berkshire BPW Membership, 2002
Dr. Barbara Viniar, 2001
Sharon Blume, 2000
Tina Packer, 1999
Emma M. Kennedy, 1998
Mary V. Flynn, 1997
P. Keyburn Hollister, 1996
Jane Fitzpatrick, 1995
Lee Leahy Stanfield, 1994
Mary K. O'Brien, 1993
Ella V. Dicenzo, 1992
Beverly A. Chartier, 1991
Sylvia Stein & Lilla G. Weinberger, 1990
Gilda H. Palano, 1989
Esther L. Quinn, 1988
Mary Conroy, 1987
Anne Everett Wojtkowski, 1986
Mary Ellen Ausman, 1985
Clara Claiborne Park, 1984
Amy Bess Miller, 1983
Marilyn Anne Kelly, 1982
Ruth Bass & Joan Roge, 1981
Betty Dennis, 1980
Elizabeth Watt & Mildred Yeats, 1979
Elizabeth "Sue" Guyette, 1978
Ann Fitzpatrick Brown, 1977
May Hitchcock, 1976
Dorothy Bejtilich, 1975
Diane Jackman, 1974
Bertha Clark, 1973
Carol Lively, 1972
Evette Giftos & Rita L'Heureux, 1971
Helen H. Johnson, 1970
Astrid Hagenguth, 1969
Gladys Brigham, 1968
Julie Parker, 1967
Sally Willeke, 1966