Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

Berkshire BPW Mentorship Program

The Berkshire BPW Mentorship Program provides the opportunity for individuals to develop skills and grow in confidence in their careers through one-on-one work with a highly experienced woman leader.  

Berkshire BPW’s more experienced members are ready, willing and able, committing their time and energy to provide support and advice to those in the early stages of their careers, those changing careers, and those needing direction and encouragement.

The Mentorship Program is open to all Berkshire BPW members and BBPW scholarship recipients.  We hope that you will consider this opportunity regardless of where you are in your career and we look forward to meeting with you.

Not sure you need a mentor? Check this out -
Why You Need A Mentor And How To Get One, Annabel Acton, Forbes, July 2017

See what the 2020 Mentorship Program mentees had to say about the program here.

BBPW Program Commitment (Mentors & Mentees)

  1. Attend introductory session
  2. Attend 4-6 Mentoring Committee meetings a year - virtual or in-person
  3. Weekly or bi-weekly mentor/mentee sessions for one year - virtual or in-person
  4. Technical/Computer skills - Zoom, virtual conferencing and communications

* A bonus for mentees--participate in Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE) programs at no charge. See for more information.

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Mentorship Program

Consider Being A Mentor

Have you had a mentor in your past or currently have a mentor from whom you have gained experience and knowledge? If so, we hope the experience you gained, and the lessons you learned will inspire you to consider being a BBPW Mentor.

What It Takes to be a Mentor

The desire to help someone
Willing to commit the time and energy to the mentoring process
Ability to share knowledge and provide objective feedback
Able to help set development goals
Provide support and advice
Willing to act as a sounding board and confidante
Honor the principles of trust, respect, and confidentiality

Benefits of Being a Mentor

Learn new things
Share your knowledge with a young professional
Build additional professional (and personal!) relationships
Give back and feel good about helping someone else

Typical Attributes of Successful Mentors:

Excellent Communications Skills
Good listener
Leadership Strategies
Interpersonal Skills
Ability to have difficult conversations
Critical thinking, thoughtful, not reactive
Ideally have formal mentoring experience

Apply to be a BBPW Mentor

Please email a bio and statement of interest to Karen Zink, 

While considering being a mentor, we recommend the following read:
SKILLS FOR SUCCESSFUL MENTORING: Competencies of Outstanding Mentors and Mentees by Linda Phillips-Jones, Ph.D.

Any questions about the program can be directed to the Mentoring Committee Co-Chairs, Karen Zink,  or Suzanne Engels, 

BBPW & Mentoring

Since its inception, Berkshire BPW has hosted an annual mentoring event, from Young Careerist Competitions to Mentoring Panel discussions, and now a year-long formal mentorship program.