What We Do

What We Do

We empower women: Personally and Professionally. We develop women, in all stages of their work lives, through education, awareness and connections within a supportive environment. We laugh and have fun. We build friendships and careers. We help each other rise higher. Check out what happens at our meetings:

Professional Networking Dinners

BBPW hosts business networking events September through June, with guest speakers addressing a variety of topics of interest to working women such as health and wellness, customer service, career management and work/life balance. In September, March and May, BBPW sponsors three special events – Scholarship Recipient recognition dinner, the Young Careerist Mentoring program, and Woman of Achievement Award dinner.

Woman of Achievement

Berkshire Business and Professional Women has been honoring a local woman with this award since 1965. All the proceeds from the Woman of Achievement dinner benefit the BBPW scholarship program, which provides annual career advancement scholarships to working women residing in Berkshire County.


Berkshire BPW annually awards career advancement scholarships to working women residing in Berkshire County. Scholarships may be used for tuition, books, child care, uniforms, or other related educational expenses.


Providing the opportunity for individuals to develop skills and grow in confidence in their careers through one-on-one work with a highly experienced woman leader, the Berkshire BPW Mentorship Program is open to all members and scholarship recipients. A great opportunity to move your career forward! Apply now.

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