Member Testimonials

A Few Words from our Members!

"BBPW is a tremendous networking platform. At my first meeting I met many new women from the Berkshires who I instantly connected with and have forged working relationships and friendship."
"It is great to be in a room with such talented and caring women who are doing good in the community: impacting change and taking active leadership roles."
"What I value about BBPW is coming out of my comfort zone to meet new people! Networking with local women who care so much and support and lift up each other."
"I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the women in this group. They are very welcoming and encouraging. I recommend for new and old to any business professional."
"What I value about BBPW is the advocacy and education, great group support and teamwork, networking and wonderful committees!"
"As a longtime member of BBPW (and a family history that goes back 60 years!) I have always valued the friendships, networking and advocacy for the rights of working women."
"The friends, connections and interesting & fun events are what make BBPW a great organization. I feel these women have become a part of my inner circle and community."
"I love the networking and camaraderie. I love you idea of being able to find someone who I can connect with and or someone for a particular purpose, example website person, coach, etc."