Member of the Year

Member of the Year

Each year the board of Berkshire PBW recognizes one of its members as "Member of the Year." She is selected in recognition of her outstanding generosity and contributions to the Berkshire BPW community.

2018 Member of the Year: Suzanne Engels

For 2018, we are pleased to announce Suzanne Engels as Member of the Year. We cannot express how much we appreciate all that Suzanne has done for BBPW over the years. She served on the Board and recently the Nominating Committee. She was instrumental in building our previous website and managing it. She managed our FaceBook page and all of BBPW’s posting. She was Berkshire BPW representative on the Suit YourSelf Advisory Board. She always offered her time and support to help make BBPW the best. She also sometimes would be our photographer at our monthly events. Suzanne is such a powerful example of leadership and supporting women and BBPW.

Suzanne Engels, 2018 Berkshire BBPW Member of the Year

Thank you, Suzanne for all you did for BBPW over the years. We look forward to seeing you at the monthly events. As a recipient of the Member of the Year award, you will receive a one year membership to BBPW.