Susan Coyne

Sales, Marketing, Events & Training Specialist
Currently laid-off due to COVID-19/formerly Main Street Hospitality and Marriott

Susan Coyne
Susan Coyne

Bio: I’m originally from Rochester, NY and was relocated to the Berkshires from Westchester County, NY. I started my career providing outsourced sales and marketing services for national professional associations including the American Bar Association, Association for Investment Management & Research, Society of Professional Journalists and more. In 2008 I decided to focus on the digital advertising revolution and helped launch digital operations, sales, consulting and training programs throughout the Hudson Valley, Berkshires and Southern VT. I moved into hospitality as Director of Sales for the Courtyard Marriott and my most recent role, until Covid-19 forced the current temporary closure, as Corporate Sales Manager for Main Street Hospitality, representing 4 hotels in the Berkshires.

Offerings to other BBPW Members: Sales, Marketing, Events, Coaching & Training

BBPW Member since: 2019
Phone: (585) 472-1984