Nichole Dupont

Nichole Dupont

Community Development Director
Berkshire Money Management

Nichole Dupont
Nichole Dupont

Bio: Nichole is a freelance writer, editor, and communications consultant whose work has appeared in multiple regional and national publications. She has also helped businesses, non-profits and new authors ‘find’ their stories and bring this unique content to their branding vision. Nichole earned her Bachelor’s in History from Clark University, and has done extensive post-graduate work at Yale University and Middlebury College. In addition to writing, she is a competitive boxer and coach at the Berkshire Boxing Club. Nichole is an avid traveler and her recent adventures include the catacombs of Rome, the mountains of Central Africa, and the swamps of Louisiana. In a former life, she was an English (and film studies and Spanish) teacher. Nichole lives next to a dairy farm and the Appalachian trail with her two, nearly-grown children.

Offerings to BBPW Members: Nichole is the Community Development director for Berkshire Money Management. She is also a boxing coach and trainer.

BBPW Member Since: 2019
Phone: (413) 281-9767