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April 2020: Letter from the President

April 2020: Letter from the President

Dear Berkshire BPW members and friends,

Celia Clancy, BBPW President, 2019
Celia Clancy, BBPW President

What a difference a month makes! It seems like ages ago that we met that first Monday in March at the Hilton Garden Inn. We are all living through this pandemic and truly are together, navigating uncharted waters. I hope this e-newsletter finds you and your families safe and well. The board held its second meeting via Zoom this past week and we are getting used to it! It was a very good check-in for us. It is good to know that all board members are healthy and are practicing social/physical distancing. Most members are working from home through this time.

Updates for the month:

It was unfortunate but necessary that we had to cancel our April 6th dinner meeting and postpone our May 4th Woman of Achievement dinner. Our new date for the Woman of Achievement dinner is planned for September 21st. Members of the WOA Committee will pick their work back up in June to plan the event and fundraise. Stay tuned for more information.

We are working to hold a meeting of the Berkshire BPW on Monday, June 1st. This meeting will be virtual and will include voting in new board members and getting your feedback on how we can improve in the 2020-2021 year.

Berkshire BPW continues the Mentorship Program through video and phone call meetings. If you are a BBPW member and would like to be a Mentee, please reach out to me at and we can make that happen for you.

Another way Berkshire BPW can support its members as we work through is through a MEAF grant. MEAF, or the Massachusetts Educational Assistance Fund of the MA BPW, is a fund that is available to members of the BPW/MA. All Berkshire BPW members in good standing are members of the BPW/MA. The fund is specifically for:

  1. Refresher courses
  2. Seminars that advance member training in connection with their present positions
  3. Course that lead to new careers
  4. Other assistance to cover financial need in connection with education or upgrading of skills that will lead to advancement

MEAF makes grants throughout the year to applicants who are able to show they have definite plans for using their training and education, based on the criteria noted below.

Applicants must submit proof of acceptance to or enrollment in the courses for which they seek funds. Receipted bill and/or copy of cancelled check(s) (both sides) or credit card statement must be attached to application. The amount to be granted a member shall not exceed $1,000 in a two-year period. The total amount to be granted a member shall not exceed $4,000.

If you are interested in applying for a MEAF grant, please reach out to me at and I will email you an application.
These grants may assist our members as they re-enter the work force and may need to further their education for a new job or career.

Please check out the website and submit your information to the Member Portal.

I look forward to hearing from you and “seeing you” on June 1st!

All my best,

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