Berkshire BPW Newsletter

Berkshire BPW Newsletter

The Berkshire BPW newsletter is sent by email to members and guests every month. The newsletter consists of a letter from our President, highlights about meetings, member spotlights, plus a special monthly feature from one of our members.  Sign up here to receive the newsletter delivered to your inbox each month.

Latest Newsletter: December 2018

I just finished my daily 15-minute meditation. I say daily, but there are days that I don’t do it. I come up with reasons not to – I woke up late or have to leave too early for work or I take a phone call and then run out of time or I check email and FaceBook, which sucks so much time and think I will do it later or tonight, which typically doesn’t happen. It really is something I work at daily to incorporate into my life. I notice that when I do meditate regularly, my days seem to be smoother and I accomplish more. However, there are times like today that even though I meditated and felt good afterwards, my mind is off to the races again and all that good feeling seems to have evaporated. We all just have those days. I have been working more than normal, I am tired, and have a lot on my plate to accomplish before Christmas. Then there is all the Holiday angst that I tell myself I don’t have but it’s there and shows itself in very sneaky ways like telling myself that I am not good enough, smart enough, or a failure. I don’t know how to employ mindfulness very well. I am not even very mindful when I eat. So, I am looking forward to hearing Gail Zinberg, LICSW, on mindfulness and how to use it throughout the day. I want to start 2019 in the best way possible and I feel this will help me.

Gail Zinberg’s website: Mindful Berkshires

Next Meeting: January 7, 2019
5:30 - 7:30 PM Dinner & Networking, Cash Bar
Patrick’s Pub, 26 Bank Row, Pittsfield, MA
Speaker—Gail Zinberg
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