About Us

About BBPW

BBPW Members and Guests convene (currently virtually) at 5:30pm on the first Monday of each month, with a few exceptions. Guest speakers are invited to each meeting to address a variety of topics that are important to working women, such as health and wellness, wealth management, public speaking and organization techniques.

The Berkshire Business and Professional Women organization provides professional and personal development and networking opportunities for working women from diverse fields. Since 1965, Berkshire BPW has been honoring local women in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, recognizing the achievements of outstanding women, developing awareness of issues important to working women and awarding career advancement scholarships.


We empower women to rise, eliminate barriers, and achieve our greatest individual and collective ambitions.


To foster and celebrate an inclusive community of women supporting women of all professions and career paths, life stages and experiences. 


Provide safe and positive space for women to collaborate and thrive

    1. Personal and Professional Development 
    2. Networking, connection and relationship building
    3. Pairing mentors with mentees 
    4. Community support of women owned and operated businesses and services
    5. Career advancement scholarships for working women
    6. Leadership development and resume building through volunteer committee opportunities